Retractable flyscreens and venetian blinds for narrowboats, domestic and commercial use


CABINCARE formed in 2000 at the Inland Waterway Festival at Worcester where we launched our polypropylene window guards, before long we also started selling top - draining floor tiles. Then in 2001 came the introduction of the retractable flyscreen that could be used on all doors and hatches of a narrowboat

By fitting flyscreens to boats it wasn’t long before we made the natural progression into the home and commercial marketplace with many houses, restaurant kitchens, bakeries, shops and offices now using the product.

As time went by we introduced a modified Venetian blind for use on boats, the blinds having a slot at the end of each slat through which a wire passes which is anchored to the cabin side by means of a bracket so when tensioned the blind always keeps to the tumble- home of the boat.

We now supply all types of window dressings for all purposes. Curtains and porthole bungs are supplied to the boating industry; whilst we provide roller, Venetian, pleated, Roman and vertical blinds to the boating and domestic markets. We can also supply laminated blinds from your own material!

For the boater we are now offering dinette cushions in a choice of fabrics, and bow cushions with a vinyl finish.

We now invite you to browse your way through our product pages and look forward to hearing from you

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